College Mentor App

During the Summer of 2014, a group of students from High Schools in Watsonville (and one student from Soquel High) created a College Mentor App for iPhone and Android. The Youth Empowerment Institute College Mentor is a handy way to take all the information you will learn from UCAN. That’s because the Youth Empowerment Institute …

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More Financial Aid Resources

Great meet today, guys!  You’re probably kind of  overwhelmed by all the information we threw at you today. Always remember that you can email your mentor, or post a question to our Facebook page. We just wanted to include some extra aid resources for you here in a blog post. We highly recommend you show …

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Starting Your College List

Great Meet! Friday’s class was a lot of fun! We all started really getting into the college search. You probably started seeing a lot of interesting colleges while using with your mentor. Some of you even already had accounts! For those of you who are totally new to CB, it’s a good idea to …

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Learnings Have Commenced!

And We’re Off! Yesterday, Friday the 1st of February marked our first day back at Soquel High School. We’ve been working all Fall quarter to make the program a success and were insanely eager to get started. When we got to school, we were greeted by a group of 15 students all chomping at the …

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What We Do

UCAN is a student led organization dedicated to helping high school students achieve their goals.Check us Out!

Who Are We?

UCAN is a student led initiative. It was founded by undergraduate students, is staffed by undergraduate students, and run by undergraduate students. We are all individuals who deeply believe in the value of education and wish to supply others with the tools to access it. Take a moment to get to know us!

Working Hard on Winter 2013

We’ve recruited some amazing new mentors, made some tweaks to the curriculum, and beefed up our lessons. We’re looking forward to another amazing quarter with Soquel High!

Entering the Home Stretch

Well it’s been an enlightening 3 weeks at Soquel High. We’ve learned how interested kids are in their education. We’ve learned that we can condense our 8 week curriculum down to 3 weeks without destroying our content completely. We learned that the Soquel High administration, particularly Gail Atlinsky, are wonderful and helpful people. We could …

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