Learnings Have Commenced!

And We’re Off!

Yesterday, Friday the 1st of February marked our first day back at Soquel High School. We’ve been working all Fall quarter to make the program a success and were insanely eager to get started. When we got to school, we were greeted by a group of 15 students all chomping at the bit to get into action. Thank you everyone who came and to those who were sick or absent, we’re looking forward to seeing you next week.

Plenty of Spots Open

We’re a big tent organization and would love to have lots more people. If you’de like to know more, shoot us an email at UCAN.UCSC[at]gmail[dot]com. Or like us on Facebook to get updated on what we’re doing.

If you can’t work our full program into you’re life (we know how busy you are) then feel free to check out the Meets pages here on the site. They contain a ton of information in a casual tone. Don’t be afraid to send us an email or post a question on our wall either.


Here’s to a great 8 weeks!