We’ve included this section because we know how much we cover and it’s a lot to ask that you retain every little bit. So for your benefit we have included all the notes from every single meet, complete with the presentations. We have chosen to write in a conversational tone to make things less boring. If you would prefer a drier more academic tone, then say something about it! No, we’re serious! Your feedback is important to how we refine our process and make it better over the years. If you like this style or hate it please let us know through the feed back channels like emailing us, leaving a comment, or writing it on the weekly evaluation. We’re here to bring you guys the best possible service.

Meet 1-UCAN

No we’re not a bird.

Meet 2-College Basics

What exactly is college? How does it work? This meet tells you all about college and shows you how to create a preliminary college list.

Meet 3-Picking a College

What specifically should you be looking for in a college? This section shows you all the questions to ask when making a college list

Meet 4-Financial Aid

There are literally thousands of free dollars waiting for you. We’re not kidding. Loans, Grants, Scholarships, we’ll give you the run down of everything and show you how to get at this money

Meet 5-Deadlines and Requirements

There are lots of dates to keep straight and even more high school and college requirements to remember. We’ve got them all here for you.

Meet 6-Personal Statement

Everyone likes talking about themselves, and luckily colleges want to listen. We’ll show you how to brag and self-promote in just the right way.

Meet 7-Filling Out Applications

Believe it or not, these can be tricky.

Meet 8-Preparing for College Life

We’ve assembled an awesome collection of advice and tips that we wish someone told us when we were your age.