Personal Statement Example 1

UC and Pitzer Personal Statement

There is something to be said about receiving an effervescent review from an enriching educator that cannot be measured by neither grade nor prize. Throughout my primary educational life, attending a multi age, alternative learning elementary school awarded me multiple in depth evaluations from my instructors regarding not only academic progress and achievement, but development of values and interaction with the world around me. I learned early on to form an acute awareness of my surroundings, interact with the outside world as an inquirer, and strive to discover the “aha” moments that give us insight into who we are.

My academic career has been primarily shaped by my own initiative, and the extracurricular activities in which I partake are geared toward my interests. Not everything has proven to be a success, but my failures continue to engrain in me that even our downfalls mean that we’ve tried. When I became an International Baccalaureate Programme candidate in my junior year of high school, I hoped to rekindle the passion of learning through self discovery and not simply through the textbook, which I had experienced in previous years. My first assignment for Theory of Knowledge proved to be the task for which I had been searching. My thought provoking teacher called upon us to reflect on a moment of insight in our lives and explain the emotion and reason associated with it. I described my early years as a student of alternative education, and found that I yearned for the same moments in the midst of learning when the lines fall away and we are consumed with passion and the awe of discovery that we seek within the world around us. A year later, I have returned to Theory of Knowledge with the same insightful educator. I have realized that with every essay of ours he reads and discussion he leads, he reminds me thatstandardizing our intellect will never get us nearly as far as a well-thought out conversation, that an evaluation of the emotional impact of learning is key to reason, and that understanding ourselves and why we think the ways in which we do will push us further into understanding the world around us and how we can make an impact with long term implications.

The educators who made the greatest difference in my educational development never pressured me to earn that “A” or to justify why I am not nearly as good at math as I am at any social science. For my teachers, and now, by my own standards, the methods by which they choose to nurture each active learner are not solely based on the student’s inability to see their own maximum potential in a number or a grade, but the fact that they want their student to see what they’re capable of and build off of a solid foundation for their own future and the betterment of others.