More Financial Aid Resources

Great meet today, guys!  You’re probably kind of  overwhelmed by all the information we threw at you today. Always remember that you can email your mentor, or post a question to our Facebook page. We just wanted to include some extra aid resources for you here in a blog post.

We highly recommend you show these sites to your parents since they’re the ones that will be making a lot of the financial decisions. They may not know about all the resources out there, so content here on the UCAN site and content out there on the internets can help a lot.


This is the federal government’s student aid official website. They just overhauled it and believe us when we say it’s much better.

They have an amazing wealth of very concise, easy to understand information regarding types of aid and how to get them. For instance, check out this handy “Road to Financial Aid” graphic. Or this set of checklists. It’s definitely something you and your parents should check out.



The official site for the Cal Grant Program. Go here to review requirements, download the GPA Verification, and see deadlines and checklists. State aid is crucial.


Dept of Education’s Scholarship finding tool

Another scholarship finding website. This one is run by the department of education.



Fast Web is another very popular scholarship site.


pin siteThis is where you go to obtain your PIN. You use your pin to sign the FAFSA electronically.