Productivity and Organization

In order to stay on top of your college application, scholarship and financial aid deadlines it is important to stay productive and organized.
Cloud technology is the best thing since the computer was invented. You can basically have all your files and applications wherever you go and on any computer you use, and in college you will be using a lot of different computers. As a generation that’s never heard of a floppy disc, you don’t know how good you guys have it.
Here are some productivity tools to help you along the way:


An internet tool which allows you to save documents and other important information on the internet so that it may be accessed from anywhere.
-Backup files
-Share files for collaborative projects


An internet tool which is great for researching, you can save information that you find and separate information based on topic or category.
-Save documents and other work
-Save research and website information along with its source
-Create new notebooks for collaborative research


An internet tool which can send you notifications and reminders for tasks that you have set up.
-its like having a check list
-notifications and reminders can be send via email and/or text
-set different urgency setting to differ events and tasks

G-Mail & Apps

An internet tool which can help to keep you organized and increase productivity. The apps we reccommend are documents and calendars.
Google Docs can be used to save and back up files online, share and collaborate on projects, and it has different document types so that you can work on everything from word, to powerpoint and excel.
Google Calendars can be used to create events and tasks and set up reminders to keep you on task and organizes
-both of these can be accessed through your gmail account which cuts down on the number of usernames and passwords you have to have.