Taking Care of Yourself

4 secrets to success:

by Clint Pardoe, life success coach

#1 Self-Care:

In order to be able to serve others, you have to learn how to take care of yourselves first. You would be doing a great disservice to people if you are not well taken care of and you are trying to help them. It’s important not only to take care of yourself physically, which is what most of us think of, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.


You have to make sure you are eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping well. Take care of your body because it takes a lot of stress throughout the day. This is the main thing college students neglect.

*What do you do to take care of your body? What do you not do?


To keep yourself emotionally healthy, you have to focus on things you like to do once in a while. It doesn’t matter what it is whether it is playing video games, dancing, making music, listening to music or writing. You have to find some time for yourself just to think.

*Have them write a couple of things they like doing and think abut how much time they spend doing it.


Most of us exercise this everyday. As a high school leader and a future college student, you have to challenge your mind constantly, a healthy thing to do. Mentally stimulating activity includes anything where you have to learn or think critically. You should have not problem achieving this.


It’s fine to go to church every weekend for spiritual health if you are religious but that is not all that spirituality encompasses. Spirituality means, just do anything that makes you feel good and at peace with the world. I know it might sound ridiculous, but when you find it, you will know what I am talking about. For example, I feel at peace when I go for a walk in the forest on a sunny day.

*What makes you feel at peace?

#2 Healthy Relationships


Family is a unique relationship because you can’t choose it. So, the best advice on family relationships is to forgive them of anything they’ve done to make you feel angry. Do not blame your parents for the faults you have today. You have to take responsibility for your own actions and start loving your family because at the end of it all, they will always be there for you.


There are a lot of things I can say here but the main thing is to have a romantic relationship that helps you be a better person and that supports you. And the support should go both ways equally.

Close friends:

These are friends that you can call if you have a problem or need to talk to someone. This kind of support will help in many ways.


These are just as important as all the other ones. Choose the people who associate with wisely because whether you think so or not, the people around you influence who are going to be.

* Think of a healthy and a not so healthy relationship in your life. How have you been keeping it healthy? How can you improve the other?

#3 Creative Structure:

Creative people are usually the ones who like more freedom in what they do and if they are given rules that are too specific and restricted, they cringe. If your teacher tells you to write a 300-word essay about a specific time in your life, using certain vocabulary words, you shy away from the assignment. They also have a tendency to be procrastinators and disorganized.

Structured people are the exact opposite. They love specific instructions and if they were given the same assignment, they would ask for more guidelines. They are very task-oriented and are usually organized. However, structures people usually have short periods of satisfaction with themselves, only once they finish a task.

*Think about which one you are

Well, which ever one you think you are, you have to learn how to have a balance between the two to be successful.

Time management:

Creative people have to learn how to manage their time better. They have to learn how to be organized, either by getting a calendar or writing down come of the tasks they have to do.

Structured people have to learn not to be too specific with the tasks they do during the day and allow flexibility.

A good way to do this would be to set off chunks of time in your schedule instead of writing what you have to do by the hour. Instead of writing: go surfing from 3-4pm, write: freetime from 3-4pm, that way you have a structure but you can be creative in what you decide to do.


Do not be a compulsive spender. This is easier said than done, but one thing that really helps is to write down what you buy every time you go out and buy something. Also, categorize the items into “need” and “want.” Or write down the things you planned to buy, and the things you bought once you were there. This helps because when you know your shopping habits, it is easier to change them.

Tips on how to save money in college:

Buying books:

Looking for a place to live:

Good software for money management:

Job Interview tips:


make sure that the environment you are staying in is comfortable and you are able to be productive in that space.

Goal setting:

The biggest tip is to write down the goals you set for yourself. 98% of people do not write down their goals, a bad habit for productivity.

#4 Action!!!!!!

Awareness – action = suffering

After finding out what you need to improve on to succeed, do not continue without doing anything about it.